7.3 PCM - All Models & Years


Our PCM's (Powertrain Control Module) may be either rebuilt units, or good (fully tested) used units. When we buy cores from wholesalers, some of them are perfectly good working units. These are sold with the same warranty as our rebuilt units.

As of this writing (2018) we are not seeing any consistent failure points in the 7.3 PCM. Contrast this with our IDM's, where we replace about 20 components on every single unit, regardless of whether the IDM works properly or not.

The main cause of PCM failure continues to be people pulling out their chips with the key on / engine running, which almost always fries the microprocessor and the chip. Why do people pull out their chip? Because the truck was doing something weird. Why was the truck doing something weird? Because the chip terminals were not properly cleaned.

$200 refundable core charge