ATS Deep 6R140 Transmission Pan


The ATS 3019003368 Deep Transmission Pan for your 2011-2015 Ford 6.7L Power Stroke is the best aftermarket transmission pan available for the 6R140 transmission in your Power Stroke. There are several innovative designs that are incorporated into the 6R140 Deep Pan.To begin, ATS Diesel has radically redesigned the fluid flow dynamics in the pan by adding a flow dam that keeps fluid available to the pickup tube under heavy acceleration or driving on a steep grade. The pan also features a true tapered design, making the drain plug the lowest point of the pan. This will allow for easier, more complete draining!

The ATS Deep Pan also includes the filter extension. This will set the suction point further towards the bottom of the pan avoiding any loss of lubrication by sucking air in a low fluid situation. 

  • Holds An Additional 8 Quarts Of Fluid 
  • Increased Transmission Case Strength 
  • Large 1" Drain Plug For Routine Maintenance 
  • Internal Cooling Fins Designed To Dissipate Heat