G&R Diesel Sump Kit

$209.00 $189.00

Do you have a bolt-in style sump that leaks ? This is the part that you have been waiting for! We have designed a clamp in type sump that will replace your current bolt-in sump or work as a new install. This sump will replace any sump that uses a 3" hole in the bottom of your fuel tank and does not have a bolt pattern larger than 4.5". From our research this covers mostly every sump on the market. The o-ring on our sump covers the bolt pattern that was previously drilled during the bolt-in type sump install and creates a nice leak free install.

This sump also comes setup with our industry leading "integrated return" system. This system allows you to connect the return of your pump into the sump instead of cutting into the filler neck or connecting to the top of your fuel tank, thus reducing install time and increasing overall fuel quality by no longer "dropping" fuel from the top of the tank.