Innovative Diesel 6.0 Custom Tune Set

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Are you looking to enhance your vehicle's performance, well look no further. With custom tunes for your 6.0 Power Stroke you are going to increase fuel mileage, throttle response, transmission shifting & line pressure increases to help hold the power. And have better longevity of your vehicle. 

Please note all custom tune HP & TQ numbers are based off a stock turbo/stock injector vehicle on our dyno.

Street- 380rwhp/650rwtq- Tow up to 10k lbs.

Tow- 310rwhp/560rwtq- Towing over 10k lbs up to the maximum of the truck.

Xtreme X - 440rwhp/780rwtq - Race tune for IDP Flashed FICM.

Xtreme Race- 425rwhp/760rwtq - Converter locked in all gears.

Xtreme Street- 415rwhp/730rwtq- Not recommended for towing.

ULTIMATE X - 440rwhp/780rwtq - Features Dual Mode. 

* Dual mode = with the use of TH button you can have normal TC lockup or early lockup. When you hit TH mode it will have 3rd gear & up TC lockup. When in regular mode it has the Xtreme Street TC lockup. This is the best of both worlds. Daily driving when running Monday through Friday, & when you get to the track hit the TH and your ready. For automatic transmission only.

This is for a set of 3