Warren Diesel Full Billet Transmission 5R110w


The Warren Diesel Full Billet Transmission Build for Ford Power Stroke 5R110W (6.0L 2003-2007 and 6.4L 2008-2010) is warrantied to 1000 RWHP, and includes the following:

  • Triple Disc Billet Torque Converter
  • TCS Billet Input Shaft
  • Billet Pump
  • Welded Coast Clutch Drum
  • TCS Billet Overdrive Planetary
  • Raybestos GBZ Clutches In The Following: 5 pack overdrive 5 pack intermediate 5 pack forward 6 pack low/reverse
  • Xtreme Direct Drum 6pack
  • TCS Billet Intermediate Shaft
  • Defender Series No Walk Center Section
  • TCS Billet Low/reverse Hub
  • Performance Valve Body Equipped With Sonnax Teflon Coated Manuel Valve
  • Standard Warren Diesel green paint, with custom colors available
  • 1-year unlimited warranty
  • 4-year labor warranty

 Our pressure plates are made of 4140 high carbon steel.

Shipping cost covers both ways! If you would like to handle shipping please call to order.