WDI 190cc Conventional Injectors - 6.0 Power Stoke


They flow 55cc’s of fuel over stock and best utilized with a brand new 75% nozzle. They unload fuel faster for more high end horsepower gains. This is the biggest injector we like to recommend for a true daily driven truck. With these injectors you will have to run custom tuning to get them to idle properly and to maximize the potential of the injectors. These injectors will require aftermarket lift pump and regulated return to ensure the proper fuel is supplied to the injectors. 

We remanufacture all internal mating surfaces, inspect all pieces of the injector, replace defective parts and test each solenoid. Every o-ring in and on the injector is replaced. Every injector we remanufacture is flow tested on our in house flow bench. Each injector has 4 tests that it has to pass before being shipped out to you. 

Our brand new spool valves are superior to OEM because we use a higher quality steel made to our specific guidelines. They ensure a quiet smooth idle, great cold starts, and outstanding reliability.

These injectors are capable of around 600RWHP with supporting mods. Depending on what you do with your truck a medium size BorgWarner S300 SX-E turbo is recommended like a 364.5/73. 

Injectors come with 1 year warranty starting when you receive injectors (not install).

Due to high volume of 6.0 injector orders these will not ship til about 2-3 weeks. 

Send cores to address below with order number...

Holderdown Diesel Performance

4473 State Route 128

Cleves, OH 45002